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Benefits from the unknown

Posted: 22/01/2010   Views: 0
Drinking water is one of the easiest ways you can do for yourself. By choosing pure water, health will be improved thanks to avoid these harmful compounds. So let's get glass of water birds and enjoy the benefits from purified water.
Benefits from the unknown

Protecting families from lead toxicity

Water is filtered through several times (purified water), you can protect the family from toxins, including lead. Not only do more good for your country but it also healthy family.

Body against dehydration

Day, the body loss of 2.5 liters of water so we need to add water frequently. General formula is about 8 cups water (200ml/coc) per day, depending on the physiological, age, gender and level of mobilization that have different water quality.

Help awake

Feel the honey bee is probably because the body is in a state of dehydration. Drinking water will help end the situation headache. In addition, it can help you more wisely. Research shows that moderate dehydration condition may weaken significantly and affect cognitive function. In children, do not know his body should be set to influence the learning outcomes at school.

Vitamins and minerals transport

Water is essential to health because it is transporting vitamins and other nutrients to each cell in the body. It also helps the body type of waste toxins harmful.

Digestive support

Everyone knows that to load enough fiber if you want a healthy digestive system, not only constipation but without the fiber, then everything will be just as expected.

Lubrication of joints and

Water accounts for most of the liquid, lubricant and buffer layer in the joints and muscles. Drink water before, during and after exercise will help reduce cramps and condition tired quickly.

Reduce calories

Water really works for weight loss does not contain calories, but the accounting area. Instead of drinking cans of soda or juice, go on a glass of pure water, you will reduce 200 calories in the diet daily. And it also helps you cut down to 10 teaspoon sugar.

Reduce the risk of infection

Water helps prevent kidney stones and lower urinary tract infection, cystitis or nephritis. Water purification works and maintenance of organ functions.

Reduce the risk of heart attack

Tim you will benefit when you drink water. Researchers at the University of Loma Linda (California, USA) was tracking more than 20 thousands of healthy people and found those who drink more than 5 cups of water per day to fewer deaths from heart attack or heart disease than those who drink less than 2 cups of water daily.

Source: Dan Tri