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Benefits other of water

Posted: 22/01/2010   Views: 0
We know, water accounts for 55-75% of the human body. Most cells have the need to operate normally and all metabolism in the body also requires all participating countries.
Benefits other of water

And here give more reasons 4 shows the effect of more water for the human body:

1. Improve the operation of the brain

About 80% of the brain tissue was composed by water. Medical tests showed that the cases of memory and ability to concentrate is reduced due to lack of water causes the brain.

Like the role of lubricant in the operation of the engine car, the activities of the brain, is the task of helping incite the metabolism of protein and nutrients to make enzymer to other parts of the body. If the lack of water metabolism and lead line will be difficult.

Water also works to remove the cells free radicals in the brain, eliminating the risk of breaking the link between the cells.

2. Help prevent disease remote

Many studies have shown that professional drinking water is one of many measures to prevent ill health some based as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular ...

Cartilage operation and quality service at each joints work to avoid direct collision between the two bones of the movement on all sides. Water is the major component of cartilage and quality service is running. When the division is to provide enough water, the direct impact will decrease, thereby reducing the risk of arthritis.

On the other hand, frequent drinking enough water to make the system all the more routine activities, as is often the waste all the toxins in the body, can prevent long standing existence of the toxin causing colon cancer, bladder.

Not only this, active sweating is also the process of removing excess salt down - the cause of high blood pressure condition leads to heart disease.

3. Help reduce weight

An effective weight loss methods and simply drink a full glass of water when feeling hungry or before each meal. In addition to absorbing the benefits that bring water body, the stomach feel full of water - no calorie, no fat - will prevent proper appetite. And more importantly, water also helps instigate metabolism, burning quickly absorbed through the medium of calorie food.

A study was made with the result that six glasses of water a day regularly, "works" about weight loss will reach more than 2 kg weight in one year. This is the shortest way to find slim body.

4. Eliminate bacteria, harmful acids that

The disease usually comes from oral bacteria and acid in the legs that stick, interdental gum. And we each know, just brushing the cake with the toothbrush can not eliminate bacteria buildup of excess feed remaining in the teeth. Water, washed with advantages that can make cleaning every part of the oral cavity. In addition, the mineral composition of the also work to restore teeth.

However, not because the human body receive many benefits from countries that abuse it - drinking too much. Because, providing too much water the body can lead to digestive disorders, and even coma ... According to experts, water and the best fit for your body is about 8 cups (approximately 2 to 2.5 liters) of water per day for an adult.

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