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Distinguish the product as water

Posted: 22/01/2010   Views: 0
Every day the human body to supplement at least 1.5 liters of water via diet. To protect health, drinking water to ensure hygiene standards. Can Tho correspondent had a talk with his Dam the Red Sea, Inspector of food hygiene and safety, the Department of Health Tho distinguish drinks and choosing water.
Distinguish the product as water

Countries include the following types:

- Water Machine: The water system has the processing stage behavior, filtered, sterilized. In some advanced countries, the water treatment system is modern, so water could be drinking at taps without worrying about any risk. However, in most developing countries, including Vietnam, the only standard cleaning machine for use in activities such as bathing, washing, food processing ... should not drink directly.

- Mineral water (Mineral water): This is kind of where the market is called mineral water. This kind of distinction with other drinks usually by: a function of a certain mineral salts with their rate of correlation and the presence of elements that or other components to be exploited online more water from natural springs or ground water circuits. Mineral water exists in 2 forms:

+ Natural mineral water with natural gas: the natural mineral water after bottling contains content Carbonic gas (CO2) in water.

+ Mineral water natural gas: natural mineral water is bottled does not contain the CO2 content exceeds freedom necessary to keep the carbonate salt dissolved in water.

- Purified water (Purifying water): A type of water is purified through the process of filtration, disinfection, bottle. Depending on the raw water supply (water, well water) people will have private treatment. For example, water wells may be present due to high concentration of organic, inorganic, especially iron, manganese, nitrate, heavy metals such as arsenic, lead ... people should be prepared by reducing water softener (for hard water), oxidizing disinfection before going into the behavior, the next filtered and sterilized. If water is the water stage filtration support complex and less expensive.

However, to distribute bottled water to consumers, the water must be through the filtration, ion exchange, filtration with activated carbon (deodorant effect), filter glass (by the method of reverse osmosis ), ozone disinfection system and ultraviolet ... then bottled.

* Mineral water and purified water is now sold on the parallel market prices are not much different. The quality of these two different types like?

- In principle, both these countries are relatively clean and sterile (in the market there are many more products do not meet the standards for sterilization), but the difference is in the chemical composition. Mineral water contains certain content of dissolved minerals beneficial to health such as: Calcium, Magne, phosphore, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese, sodium ... Meanwhile, the type of purified water (water is called correctly), a "poor" because of the minerals. In terms of feel when you drink mineral water is "good" than (by mineral compounds) and cool (the concentration of CO2). Mineral water by the value of health, especially the children, the elderly, pregnant women, who play sports ... Particular, women use mineral water also helps the skin healthy.

However, to note the audience was kidney failure, high blood pressure, neurological syndrome should restrict use mineral water. The study warned that given the use of purified water regularly (ie the reduction of micro-mineral elements) are not healthy, that's not including purchase of purified water to authors.

* Also filters water through other comments?

- The market has many average filter such as filter columns, membrane. Generally water is sure to physical and chemical characteristics (deodorant, no flavor, no toxic substances, sediment total). However, the ability to remove microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) is only achieved at relatively from 90-98%, depending on the size and effective membrane sterilization. There are some average filter can filter viruses (in the boiling water for 15 minutes will kill 100% of bacteria and viruses). In addition, during use, the membrane filters and columns were broken, or bio-inert film by the disabled, the filtering effect is greatly reduced ... So, when buying average filter, to check on structuring and performance, as well as conditions for preservation of peace filtering ...

Source Can Tho